Phentermine Rx

Our physician will evaluate you, find out your personal goals and health will be assessed before starting this program. $100 every 6 weeks. A 6-week prescription will be given. Follow up every 6 weeks for refills. A water pill will also be written if needed.

Fat Burning Injection/B12

A series of fat burning essential amino acids injections, including B12, will be given to help increase metabolism and weight loss. These specially formulated injections decrease fat deposits and speed up the metabolism and naturally reduce fat from the body.

$20 per shot. Only $10 the day you see the doctor, if given with Phentermine Rx.

HCG Diet

Try EVERYTHING but still not seeing the result you deserve? HCG diet is the ultimate solution. With HCG and a 500 Cal diet, storage fat will be mobilized while lean muscle will stay. On average, patients can lose up to 1 pound a day and 10-20 lbs in 3 weeks. It also resets the hormone center so patients will not gain weight as easily in the future as long as they follow a healthy diet. HCG can be taken in pills or by injections.

*** All prices are subject to change without notice ***